Mapping Relational Operations onto Hypergraph Model


The relational model is the most commonly used data model for storing large datasets, perhaps due to the simplicity of the tabular format which had revolutionized database management systems. However, many real world objects are recursive and associative in nature which makes storage in the relational model difficult. The hypergraph model is a generalization of a graph model, where each hypernode can be made up of other nodes or graphs and each hyperedge can be made up of one or more edges. It may address the recursive and associative limitations of relational model. However, the hypergraph model is non-tabular; thus, loses the simplicity of the relational model. In this study, we consider the means to convert a relational model into a hypergraph model in two layers. At the bottom layer, each relational tuple can be considered as a star graph centered where the primary key node is surrounded by non-primary key attributes. At the top layer, each tuple is a hypernode, and a relation is a set of hypernodes. We presented a reference implementation of relational operators (project, rename, select, inner join, natural join, left join, right join, outer join and Cartesian join) on a hypergraph model. Using a simple example, we demonstrate that a relation and relational operators can be implemented on this hypergraph model.

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