An Artificial Life Simulation Library Based on Genetic Algorithm, 3-Character Genetic Code and Biological Hierarchy

Maurice HT Ling


Genetic algorithm (GA) is inspired by biological evolution of genetic organisms by optimizing the genotypic combinations encoded within each individual with the help of evolutionary operators, suggesting that GA may be a suitable model for studying real-life evolutionary processes. This paper describes the design of a Python library for artificial life simulation, Digital Organism Simulation Environment (DOSE), based on GA and biological hierarchy starting from genetic sequence to population. A 3-character instruction set that does not take any operand is introduced as genetic code for digital organism. This mimics the 3-nucleotide codon structure in naturally occurring DNA. In addition, the context of a 3-dimensional world composing of ecological cells is introduced to simulate a physical ecosystem. Using DOSE, an experiment to examine the changes in genetic sequences with respect to mutation rates is presented.

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