NotaLogger: Notarization Code Generator and Logging Service

Maurice HT Ling


The act of affixing a signature and date to a document, known as notarization, is often used as evidence for sighting or bearing witness to any documents in question. Notarization and dating are required to render documents admissible in the court of law. However, the weakest link in the process of notarization is the notary; that is, the person dating and affixing his/her signature. A number of legal cases had shown instances of false dating and falsification of signatures. In this study, NotaLogger is proposed, which can be used to generate a notarization code to be appended to the document to be notarized. During notarization code generation, the user can include relevant information to identify the document to be notarized and the date and time of code generation will be logged into the system. Generated and used notarization code can be verified by searching in NotaLogger, and such search will result in date time stamping by a Network Time Protocol server. As a result, NotaLogger can be used as an independent witness to any notarizations. NotaLogger can be accessed at

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