Implementation of Private Cloud Computing Using Integration of JavaScript and Python


This paper deals with the design and deployment of a novel library class in Python, enabling the use of JavaScript functionalities in Application Programming and the leveraging of this Library into development for third generation technologies such as Private Cloud Computing. The integration of these two prevalent languages provides us with a new level of compliance which helps in developing an understanding between Web Programming and Application Programming. An inter browser functionality wrapping, which would enable users to have a JavaScript experience in Python interfaces directly, without having to depend on external programs has been developed. The functionality of this concept is prevalent in the fact that Applications written in JavaScript and accessed on the browser now have the capability of interacting with each other on a common platform with the help of a Python wrapper. The idea is demonstrated by the integrating with the now ubiquitous Cloud Computing concept. With the help of examples, we have showcased the same and explained how our Library (named XOCOM) can be a stepping stone to flexible cloud computing environment.

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