SOFA Statistics Developing, packaging, & promoting a Python open source project


SOFA Statistics ( is an open source desktop Python application with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and attractive output. This paper will cover my experiences with some of the technical aspects of the project as well as project management issues. Specific areas covered will include:
Ģ Using the cross-platform GUI toolkit wxPython (including wxWebKit and
the grid widgets)
Ģ The different roles of Matplotlib and Raphael (Javascript and SVG) in the
Ģ Experience using different database engines including SQLite, MySQL, MS
Access, and MS SQL Server
Ģ Issues with standard statistics modules e.g. SciPy
Ģ Making python installer packages currently only deb packages and
Windows installers (using NSIS) and managing releases.
Ģ Using Sourceforge, Freshmeat, and Launchpad (including Bazaar)
Ģ Promoting the project through announcements, blogging, and answering

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