The Python Papers Anthology

The Python Papers Anthology is no longer accepting submissions.


More information will be emailed to all authors who have published their papers in this journal.

The Python Papers

The Python Papers (ISSN: 1834-3147) is a free e-journal, including industry and academic articles. We are proud of the diversity of content in our journal, covering Python User Groups from around the world, conferences and other events, open-source projects and the use of Python in commercial organisations.

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The Python Papers Monograph

The Python Papers Monograph (ISSN 1837-7092) provides a refereed format for publication of monograph-length reports including dissertations, conference proceedings, case studies, advanced-level lectures, and similar material of theoretical or empirical importance. It does so quickly, informally and at a high level, where the Python programming language is an integral aspect.

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The Python Papers Source Codes

The Python Papers Source Codes (ISSN 1836-621X) is a collection of software and source codes, usually associated with papers published in The Python Papers and The Python Papers Monograph. These codes are refereed for originality, accuracy, completeness, and lasting value.

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